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When I write a song on the piano, I live with it for a while till it feels complete.  Sometimes a song just comes out perfect in energy, floating from nowhere in a surprisingly supreme manner. Then there’s the song that took 20 years to finish like Paris Streets.

When a few songs have been finished during this writing session ( days or years ) and they feel good enough, then the arrangements take place.  For this recent album I got terribly lucky to meet the new band, Robert Holmes on guitar, Jo Kaspar on bass and Senan Roberson on drums.

Like all good things, it all happened by accident. I was asked to play in Paris by Indelible Records Löic de Benaze. My bass player at the time, Will Britton Minney had to go to California to do his degree and my drummer Kevin Faulk was having a baby so they couldn’t do the Paris performance. It was a hard knock, I wanted to play Paris as I love French music and I realised that I wouldn’t be able to work with either one for a long time.

Realising that the only way I could do the Paris concerts was by getting substitute players together, I asked Neil at the SVA if he had seen any good musicians playing there recently and this is how I met Jo and Senan. Amazingly I had just met Robert Holmes at the same time. Our first rehearsal was electric and after the fifth rehearsal I said we really should capture this, so we recorded the whole album in one day at Yellow Shark studio in Cheltenham. This is the album Living with a Ghost, with no synths or decorations, just a great band.

I hope you love this as much as we do. It’s been a joy to make. The featured singles on this page are part of the album so you can start to listen right away.

More stories to come about our performances in Paris, the making of the videos and more live recordings to come.

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