Jacqueline Kroft is a pianist, singer/songwriter and composer based in Gloucestershire. Classically trained, she moved into jazz thanks to meeting musicians such as Bill Evans, Stan Getz and Chet Baker in her native Canada. She toured Europe and wrote songs and sessioned with numerous artists from Sony and Warner Brothers as well as Nina Hagen and Nena’s producer, Manne Praeker. Coming to Britain, she worked with and subsequently married the classical and film score composer Geoffrey Burgon.

Jacqueline has worked with Andy Partridge from XTC, Mo Foster from the Jeff Beck Band and producer of The Jam, Vic Coppersmith Heaven and has produced five albums and two singles, written a film score for Mr Right and the lyrics for the theme music to The Fortsyte Saga sung and recorded by Bryn Terfel.

Her songs have been used as the title music for Canadian interview TV series ‘In the Mind of…’, on Riders and Rich Kids (ITV1), The Race (ITV2), and more.

Her new, soon to be released album, Living with a Ghost, is a bright passionate live performance bringing a heartfelt interpretation of life’s experiences to touch your world.