Jacqueline Kroft

About me

Jacqueline Kroft, based in Stroud, UK, has released an endearing EP titled “Piano Preludes Vol.02,” which is a riveting and entrancing compilation of six compositions that displays her extraordinary ability as a pianist and composer. These six pieces are exquisitely made and communicate a variety of feelings, ranging from introspective and contemplative to playful and uplifting. Kroft’s approach to the EP is unique, combining dynamic soundscapes, and infectious melodies, all in an ethereal and sentimental realm. Each composition tells its own story, luring the audience into a world of tranquil and enticing music and rhythm. Songweb was intrigued by the EP and did an online interview with Jacqueline Kroft from the other side of the world. Relax and enjoy this incredible encounter. Interview With Jacqueline Kroft Regarding Her EP “Piano Preludes Vol.02”

Jacqueline says; ” The first prelude I wrote was Prelude 04, it was one of those intoxicating summer mornings in the English countryside and the prelude just came to me in its entirety. The response I got from playing it to friends and family was so positive and exciting that I realised I hadn’t let the piano be the star of the show before. This lead to a playful approach to writing the preludes. I would wake up every morning and write a new one. Lockdown ” The Era of Solitude ” gave me the opportunity to delve into each idea and give the attention each needed to let it grow/blossom.”

Jacqueline Kroft
Photo by Taffi Rosen

Early Career

Jacqueline was born in Liverpool, England, growing up in Toronto, Canada. Art school in Victoria, BC. Soon after studying music at the Toronto Royal Conservatory which was a continuation of her studies as a child. Surrounded by talented musicians all her life.

She can remember at the age of 10 drawing and painting on the livingroom floor. This was the same time that the piano came into her life. It was then that she knew that she was an artist