Jacqueline Kroft

The Lost 80’s Tapes by Social Studies

Piano & Saxophone Preludes

by Jacqueline Kroft & Patsy Gamble

Patsy Gamble and I enjoyed our performance at St Paul’s Covent Garden, March 30th, 2023. We want to thank everyone at the church and our wonderful audience! What a vibrant and memorable place to perform in, we all loved it! A special thanks to Ben Chamberlain who put it all together.

Photo: Martyn Goddard

Overall, “Piano Preludes Vol.02” is a captivating and genuinely gorgeous compilation of piano preludes that will uplift, motivate, and enchant audiences. The melodies are breathtaking, and the rhythmic interludes add a layer of intricacy that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. You can feel Jacqueline’s passion and devotion in every note, and these works are a labor of love. What stands out about this EP is the feeling of warmth and sincerity that pervades each piece. Also, the EP is a testament to the power of music to inspire and elevate us, and it’s a great addition to any music lover’s library.

Listen to the “Piano Preludes Vol.02” by Jacqueline Kroft on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.


As you revel in the joy of her bright, beautiful music, each prelude captures the essence of the moment and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Her mastery of the instrument gives the listener an experience that is simultaneously stimulating and calming, creating an unforgettable listening experience. Whether it’s the thundering climaxes or the softest of ballads, Jacqueline’s ability to evoke emotion with her music takes the listener and immerses them in an arresting, melodic soundscape.

February 28, 2023

Jacqueline has spent the last few years writing Piano Preludes that she is releasing in volumes of 5 or 6. Having released Vol. 01 in 2022 she has now just released Vol. 02 February 17th, 2023. Both EP’s have received beautiful enthusiastic reviews which you can read in the news section.

There are 27 works in total with another 9 Piano & Saxophone Preludes coming out in March 2023 featuring Patsy Gamble on sax. These are a compilation of the last two released volumes and really sing with Patsy’s saxophone.

” The first prelude I wrote was Prelude 04, it was one of those intoxicating summer mornings in the English countryside and the prelude just came to me in its entirety. The response I got from playing it to friends and family around at that time was so positive and exciting that I realised I hadn’t let the piano be the star of the show before. This led to a playful approach to writing the preludes. I would wake up every morning and write a new one. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to delve into each idea and give the attention needed to let it grow or blossom.

Jacqueline Kroft taps into a wonderfully weird delirious world with “TEMPEST IN A TEACUP”. Her style draws heavily from the eccentric indie pop arrangements of St. Vincent. Akin to that work, Jacqueline Kroft incorporates an exquisite level of detail within her carefully laid out flourishes. The way she lets the song evolve gives it a living, breathing aspect to it for it feels quite organic. Interplay between the many instruments further adds to the sense of wonder that the song explores. So much colour passes through the piece as her ear for melody is exceptional. By far though the highlight comes from her dazzling voice, with lyrics that have an acidic alliteration to them.