Jacqueline Kroft

Jacqueline was delighted to be interviewed by the wonderful Dan Chisholm.  Listen here for the full interview which was aired on BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Gloucestershire, BBC Wiltshire and BBC Somerset.  They discussed Jacqueline’s new single, Better, which is out now, and the up coming release of the Live Paris Recordings.


“Paris Streets is a cherubic little number, all demure but with a singer whose presence is palpable throughout even when she is not singing. It is haunting, celtic and minimal but offers a sense of calm that few songs can achieve.”

Left Bank Magazine

Paris Streets “You did a nice job- a beautiful job actually on this track”

At Cost Magazine 

Paris Streets “The track has a peaceful calm and soft soundtrack like aura” 

Thoughts is the first single release of Jacqueline Kroft’s new album Living with a Ghost. She wrote this song about the power of thoughts and how thoughts can play an essential part in how one’s day unfolds. Marveling at the great impact of relatives, friends, and world events, Jacqueline sees how this can manifest into one’s perception of life and hence their daily thoughts which equates to one’s personal reality.